PKA 399 KSI vs Logan Paul, Childhood Stories, 38 Special Castration
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PKA 399 KSI vs Logan Paul, Childhood Stories, 38 Special Castration

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Netflix’s Disenchantment:
The Happytime murders:

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Timeline by LegitRage
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0:00:00 - Kyle introduces sponsors
0:00:11 - The EPA’s “blank canvas” on asbestos ft. medical experts Kyle & Taylor
0:05:45 - Taylor’s LGBT friends want him to donate his seed to their cause
0:21:00 - Spitting and swapping loads; gross or hot?
0:24:15 - Getting paid to donate your seed & xJawz’ failed blood donation scheme
0:31:23 - Kyle’s conditions if an LGBT couple were to receive his seed
0:32:45 - Patreon question: If sex didn’t exist, would the guys still be in relationships?
0:38:05 - Survivor (TV Show)’s gender disparity & men’s strengths vs women’s
0:40:49 - Guys ejecting loads onto inanimate objects for years (mouse pads, boxes & more)
0:49:15 - Pooping into washing machines & improperly disposing of condoms
0:55:10 - Reddit’s museum of filth (MoF); anorexic girl hides rotten food in her genitals
1:00:12 - Ad Read: Stitch Fix
1:01:46 - More rotten genital talk & guy uses revolver to remove his penis for God
1:11:28 - St Louis saw murders & the Chicago Memorial weekend tragedy
1:15:09 - More museum of filth talk; Anime figurine loads & more
1:20:03 - Hamilton’s cast diversity & Woody is going to see Hamilton soon
1:22:47 - Idris Elba as the next James Bond, white Jesus, black Santa & black Peter
1:31:37 - Video: Logan Paul sparring & KSI vs Logan Paul talk
1:36:30 - More MoF talk: Eating sticky bible pages & have humans always been this gross?
1:42:31 - Even more MoF talk; Man enjoys prolonged use of coconut for alone time
1:47:51 - Avengers: Infinity War talk (Major spoilers) & general MCU discussion
2:01:32 - Ad Read: The Happytime Murders
2:03:44 - Understanding how humans smell farts, rain & grass
2:06:50 - Geopolitical kinks & the US is overdue for some conflict
2:09:43 - The Rock’s terrible movie “Rampage” with oversized wolves, gorillas & alligators
2:14:35 - Miscellaneous movie talk: Hellraiser, Critters, The Room & more
2:21:21 - What is worth owning the luxury version of?
2:24:20 - What is the worst thing Taylor & Kyle have said to Tinder girls?
2:28:29 - Taylor is now an adjunct Professor of Gender Studies at Berkeley University
2:30:29 - Understanding the purpose & success of various social medias
2:33:36 - More Taylor twitter trolling & Instagram talk
2:35:31 - Video: Letterkenny (TV show) cold open
2:41:15 - Living in other Countries & the dubious PKA Hangout Patrons
2:48:34 - Taylor & Woody’s experiences of being humbled in sports
3:03:24 - Hockey talk: Taylor’s plans to join an amateur team & NHL draft picks
3:06:59 - Does ageing really affect an athlete’s ability in (e)sports?
3:10:58 - Kyle got eliminated by Shroud in PUBG recently! And general PUBG talk
3:16:59 - Woody’s terrible childhood & permanent scarring from his mom’s mistreatment
3:26:23 - Taylor’s upbringing and relationship with his brothers growing up
3:33:27 - The time Kyle got trapped in a dark basement with 2 swordsmen
3:35:56 - Taylor and his younger brother wrestling on a concrete floor (gone wrong!)
3:39:43 - Woody’s childhood friends and their parents’ issues
3:42:37 - The upcoming Minor Attracted Persons (MAPs) conference in Baltimore
3:50:17 - Breaking down the LGBT(TTQQIAA) acronym
3:57:40 - Ad Read: Lumosity & Netflix’s Disenchantment
4:00:34 - King of the Hill talk: Buying the box set & funny moments
4:03:20 - The saddest episode of Futurama & Netflix’s A.I show
4:07:35 - Taylor calls it a show and Ad Read: The Happytime Murders & Disenchantment

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