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Camper van DIY Conversion Q&A (Heater, Toilet, Electrical, Parking, Humidity, Safety)

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I'm answering your Camper van Conversion questions in one big Q&A video! Check out the timestamps in the description to find the info you need.
1:28 How tall are you? (ceiling/height)
1:59 Brand / Model / Kilometers (Van info)?
2:25 Weight of the finished van (with the wood)?
3:12 Fuel consumption?
3:36 What kind of mattress?
4:07 Where do you park?
4:38 Tips for the vent hole in the roof
4:56 Toilet / Shower ?
6:02 Electrical / battery
9:09 Solar panels heating up in summer? Planning solar for winter?
10:25 My take on flexible solar panels
11:42 Wooden deck, spreading the boards?
12:49 Air flow between the deck and the roof to keep the van cool in summer.
13:25 Screwing the wood onto the body of the car?
14:51 Insulation / Reflectix on the floor being useless for insulation (but that's not why i used it)
16:20 Air extraction and general van air flow (humidity)
17:31 It's not about building the van the same way i did ( i made some mistakes)
17:58 Jumping from the van into the cockpit (safety) + bulkhead insulation
18:46 Tinted windows / Windows safety / Breaking in
19:34 Diy van heating system
21:44 My take on diy clay pot heater inside a van
22:32 Conclusion
23:02 The van at night (inside)

Music by Joakim Karud http://youtube.com/joakimkarud

The Emerging Alternatives van is what makes filming on the road possible. It both severs as a mobile studio and a tiny living space. Its color quickly gave it the stage name" Red".

This van was built in about two months. It took a lot of reclaimed wood to build everything but the final design is pretty minimalist (I only bought the cladding for the ceiling and doors). It was originally inspired by the typical Norwegian Rorbu (small wooden cabin used by fishermen). The wooden deck on top of the van is made in the Japanese way of preserving wood called Shou Sugi Ban (charred wood). There are two 100W solar panels on the roof making it a good off grid camper and providing enough electricity to power the cameras and laptop required for the making of the videos. I decided to share the van conversion and van tour with the community hopping it will inspire potential van-builders and travelers.

As usual, do leave a comment with your questions if you have some. I'll do my best to answer them.

This is a 100% DIY van. It was a long process and I didn't really know what to expect. I often had to change ideas, adapt and find solutions to problems I could not have thought about before the start. I was already pretty good with my hands and enjoyed building things, but this van build was definitely a first.

There will be some more van life videos coming up on the channel , but the channel won't be focused only on that subject. I'll be making videos on sustainable development; some of them will be about alternative living, like tiny house and minimalist living rather than just camper vans as living a nomadic life ins't really sustainable in the long run (speaking from experience).

I hope you enjoyed this Q&A!

Once again do ask questions in the comments if you have some.

And for more info on the Emerging Alternatives project, stick around for new videos to see for yourself or check out the website at https://www.emergingalternatives.com/

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